Endospheres FAQS

Is Endosphères Therapy a safe treatment?

Endosphères Therapy is a clinically tested technology, which has been tested at reputable universities and medical institutes. The treatment follows a precise scientific protocol. Practitioners receive training to be certified to practice the treatment. Endosphères Therapy is a non-surgical treatment, is 100% safe and presents no side effects whatsoever.

How do I know how many sessions I will need to get results?

You’ll start to notice health and wellness results from your first treatment. Aesthetic results build over the course of your treatment package. During your first appointment, your therapist will carry out a detailed consultation to determine the appropriate number of sessions you’ll need for best results according to your physical condition and related lifestyle factors.

How long does a single session last?

Endosphères Therapy can treat anywhere on the body or face, but the treatment length depends on the size of the area that needs treating. A single session will vary from a minimum of approximately 45 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How long does it take to complete an Endosphères Therapy treatment package?

Our minimum recommended package is generally between 12 or 18 sessions, which will happen two to three times a week depending on your physical condition. In cases of excessive sagging or excess weight, it may be necessary to receive 24 sessions for optimal results. Your therapist will determine the number of sessions needed and the frequency of treatments, e.g., whether it be two or three times per week, however, the minimum time required between treatments is 48 hours.

Once treatments are completed, how long do results last?

The duration of the results obtained always depends on certain circumstances, such as your physical condition and your future lifestyle factors. By following a healthy lifestyle, results can last up to six months, although it’s strongly recommended that you receive maintenance cycles to ensure that results are even more stable and lasting.

How does the maintenance cycle work?

The maintenance cycle includes 1-2 sessions per month for the first 8-10 months after you have completed your package, then you will discuss with your therapist what the next steps would be based on your body. In critical cases you can repeat the complete treatment package after the first three or four months.

Can I receive this treatment if I am pregnant?

No, as this treatment acts on the lymphatic system and its possible effects on the fetus are unknown.

Who should not receive this treatment?

Anyone with the conditions below should not receive Endosphères Therapy:

– Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

– Deep Vein Thrombosis Phlebitis

– Severe Varicose veins

– Taking anticoagulant drugs

– Cancer treatments in the past five years (should seek physician clearance)

– Surgery in the past three months (should seek physician clearance)


PLEASE NOTE: If you present with a serious health concern not listed, please consult with your physician before receiving Endosphères Therapy.

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